Martin Luther King

  Monday January 15th, is the Martin Luther King Day holiday.  Martin Luther King spent his life working for equal rights for African Americans, and all Americans. He was an important civil rights leader and minister whose work helped lead to new laws against racial discrimination.

King’s most famous speech was at a protest rally for equal rights – in front of 250,000 people in Washington DC in 1963, which became known as the “I Have a Dream” speech.

Here’s a link to the entire 17 minute speech on YouTube.

New Year’s Weekend in Boston

This weekend, there will be a large number of special events in Boston to celebrate the new year.  Most of them are part of First Night Boston.  Here’s a Full Schedule

  • Blink light and music show – every 30 minutes from 4:30-10pm, every night through Jan 1st
  • Ice sculptures – at Quincy Market, Copley Square, and a few other places 

Get Text Messages with Art

The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco is 3,000 miles away from MetroWest, but you can see some artwork from their collection on your phone – plus practice your English a little in a fun way.

The museum has a feature called “Send Me“.  Just send a text message to 57251 and ask for a picture of something – and you will usually quickly receive a text with a related photograph, painting, etc. from the museum.  You can even ask for art using an emoticon.

For example, you can try sending a text to 57251 like this:

  • Send me the ocean
  • Send me something blue
  • Send me 🌺

You Want That Job! – Interview Tips

Is it a new and different job, or a promotion? Good for you!

At the end of the process of searching for a new job, you will probably have an interview with the hiring manager of the company or organization where you would like to work. The interview is a conversation during which you talk about yourself, your skills, knowledge and experience.

Here are a few ideas, or tips, for having a successful interview:

  1. Be on time—not too early and Not Late.
    When you think about the time you will need to get to, and be ready for the interview, remember to include extra time for:

    1. Unexpected traffic
    2. Possibility that you will get lost
    3. Time to find a parking space
    4. Time to find the building and room where you will interview
    5. Time to take a deep breath, and relax a little before the interview starts
  2. Dress appropriately – There is agreement that both men and women should wear a suit.
  3. Bring a few copies of your resume.
  4. Don’t talk too much or too little. Write down and rehearse your answers to typical interview questions in advance.
  5. Thank the interviewer(s) at the end.

There are many YouTube videos with more helpful information about interviews.  Here’s one from England (in the video “CV” is the same as resume).

And here are two more:
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Acronyms for Texting

What do lol, idk, ty, and  imho mean?

You may see these online or when you are texting someone.

  • Acronyms are words made from the first letters of other words.  Sometimes acronyms are pronounced as a word. Sometimes you say each letter.
  • Abbreviations are short forms of words. They end with a period. You pronounce the original word, like “mister” for Mr.

Here are some popular acronyms and their meanings. They can be written in capital or regular letters.

  • LOL — laughing out loud
  • IDK — I don’t know
  • ty — thank you  (also thx)
  • imho — in my humble opinion or my opinion is
  • btw — by the way
  • np — no problem
  • ily — I love you (also ilu)
  • OMG — oh my God!

Here’s a website that lists many more common acronyms used in online chats, and here’s one more.

— Thanks to Devik for this article —