Let’s Play a Kahoot

  Kahoot is a free app where you try to answer questions about many topics, including English, in a game-style way.  You get points for answering a question correctly – and quickly.  Let’s try a 5-minute Kahoot especially for beginners on this blog:


You can also open the Kahoot app, press “Enter PIN” and enter this number: 0900656
Good Luck!

Soon there will be more articles about how to use the Kahoot app to test, and improve your English.

Tiny Little Crosswords

    Tiny Little Crosswords is a free app for iPhones and iPads.  Each puzzle is small – only a few words – so you can finish a puzzle quickly.  Some are easy, and some are more difficult. They now give you one free puzzle every day – another good way to improve your vocabulary!  Here are a few examples:




  A Ditloid is a special kind of word puzzle.  You are given some numbers and letters and have to guess the meaning.  Here are two examples:

7 D in a W  ….. The answer is: 7 Days in a Week
26 L in the A
….. The answer is: 26 Letters in the Alphabet

The puzzles are usually about a commonly-known fact.  See how many of these you can get before looking at the answers:

24 H in a D
365 D in a Y
50 S on the US F
5 F on a H and 5 T on a F
MA + NH + RI + CT +VT + ME = NE
4 S (S S A W)
100 C in a D
28 D in F
88 K on a P
12 E in a D

Answers: Continue reading


  Like many word games, Hangman is fun to play and can help you improve your vocabulary.  You try to find the secret word by choosing letters of the alphabet that you think might be in the word.  If you can figure out the word before you try too many letters, you win.

Here are websites and apps where you can play this game for free…

  • Many Things  is a website for English learners.  They have many good hangman games  – but unfortunately most do not work on iPhone/iPad.
  • Fun With Words is a site for anyone interested in English words.  They have a hangman games that works on most all devices – including iPhones and iPads.
  •   Ultimate Hangman is good free app for iPhone/iPad (99 cents for Android and other platforms).
    • 4 Themes (you can see a snowman melting instead of a hanging man)
    • You can choose from many vocabulary lists (such as verbs, animals, or foods)
    • You can choose word lists from other languages (Spanish, Portuguese, German, French)
    • You can even make your own vocabulary lists, to help you study
    • Plus – you can play alone, or as a game against someone else
    • Here’s a lesson on how to use this app