How Many Words Do I Know?

On –  

  • Mark each word on the first page  – if you know it very well
    (If you aren’t sure about the word, don’t mark it.)
  • Press 
  • Mark each word on the second page – if you know it very well
  • Press 

At the end, they will tell you about how many English words you know.
This is mostly just for fun, but if you study some vocabulary, and then take the test again a few months later, your score should increase a little.

There’s another website to test your English vocabulary called TestYourVocab

Free Rice

  Practice your English vocabulary and grammar on freerice.comEvery time you get an answer correct, a small amount of money (equal to about 10 grains of rice) is donated to help end world hunger.

  • When you answer correctly, the questions get more difficult.
  • If you get the answer wrong, the next answer will be easier.
  • This is the new version, which is better for smartphones and tablets.
    If you have a computer, you may prefer the original version.
  • There are many other categories you can try, such as geography, science, math, and other languages.