Let’s Play a Kahoot

  Kahoot is a free app where you try to answer questions about many topics, including English, in a game-style way.  You get points for answering a question correctly – and quickly.  Let’s try a 5-minute Kahoot especially for beginners on this blog:

  • Install the free Kahoot app on your iPhone or iPad, or on your Android phone or tablet
  • From your phone/tablet, press on the picture below, or this link       
  • When you press, it should open the Kahoot app and start the game


You can also open the Kahoot app, press “Enter PIN” and enter this number: 0764667
Good Luck!

Soon there will be more articles about how to use the Kahoot app to test, and improve your English.

Tiny Little Crosswords

    Tiny Little Crosswords is a free app for iPhones and iPads.  Each puzzle is small – only a few words – so you can finish a puzzle quickly.  Some are easy, and some are more difficult. They now give you one free puzzle every day – another good way to improve your vocabulary!  Here are a few examples:




  A Ditloid is a special kind of word puzzle.  You are given some numbers and letters and have to guess the meaning.  Here are two examples:

7 D in a W  ….. The answer is: 7 Days in a Week
26 L in the A
….. The answer is: 26 Letters in the Alphabet

The puzzles are usually about a commonly-known fact.  See how many of these you can get before looking at the answers:

24 H in a D
365 D in a Y
50 S on the US F
5 F on a H and 5 T on a F
MA + NH + RI + CT +VT + ME = NE
4 S (S S A W)
100 C in a D
28 D in F
88 K on a P
12 E in a D

Answers: Continue reading