Enjoy a Free Movie Outside

  Lots of free movies will be shown outside this summer all around MetroWest and Greater Boston.  Movies usually begin at sundown.  If the weather is “iffy”, it’s good to check for cancellations before you go.

Here are some locations with outdoor movie nights this summer:

Say Anything

Don’t Say
– I don’t know nothing about cooking.
– I’m not doing nothing.
– She didn’t say nothing.
– He won’t do nothing.

Say This:
– I don’t know anything about cooking.
– I’m not doing anything.
– She didn’t say anything.
– He won’t do anything.


  • Use Anything instead of Nothing in negative sentences that contain the word “not” (including don’t, doesn’t, didn’t, can’t, couldn’t, won’t, wouldn’t, isn’t, wasn’t, aren’t, weren’t, hasn’t, haven’t …)
    • I can not see anything.
    • Katia isn’t buying anything today.
    • My brother never helps with anything.
    • I’m not afraid of anything.
  • Usually avoid using double-negatives (two negative words) in a sentence.
    • Examples of negative words:
      • Not, Nothing, None, Nobody, Neither, Nowhere…

Tiny Little Crosswords

    Tiny Little Crosswords is a free app for iPhones and iPads.  Each puzzle is small – only a few words – so you can finish a puzzle quickly.  Some are easy, and some are more difficult. They now give you one free puzzle every day – another good way to improve your vocabulary!  Here are a few examples:




  A Ditloid is a special kind of word puzzle.  You are given some numbers and letters and have to guess the meaning.  Here are two examples:

7 D in a W  ….. The answer is: 7 Days in a Week
26 L in the A
….. The answer is: 26 Letters in the Alphabet

The puzzles are usually about a commonly-known fact.  See how many of these you can get before looking at the answers:

24 H in a D
365 D in a Y
50 S on the US F
5 F on a H and 5 T on a F
MA + NH + RI + CT +VT + ME = NE
4 S (S S A W)
100 C in a D
28 D in F
88 K on a P
12 E in a D

Answers: Continue reading

Baseball Idioms

   Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States.  There are many expressions – ‘idioms’ – used commonly that come from baseball A few examples:

  • Someone who is “on the ball”  is a person you trust to get something done.  They are knowledgeable and responsible.
  • Someone who “strikes out” fails at something (there are other meanings too).
    For example: He asked for her phone number, but he struck out.
  • If you “Go to bat” for someone, it means that you help or support them.

If you know the rules of how to play baseball, it can really help you to understand these idioms better – and also to watch a game on TV, or even better, at the baseball park.