Scams that Target Immigrants

A scam is a dishonest way to make money, by fooling people.  There are many kinds of scams, and especially recently there has been an increase in scams that target immigrants.  The attorney general of the state of New York has just warned about a scam where people pretend to be ICE agents, and they demand money from immigrants to avoid deportation.  Continued…..

It mentions other types of immigrant scams, including:

  • Phone calls from fake immigration agents.  (Real agents will not ask for money or personal information on the phone)
  • Notario fraud
  • People pretending to be lawyers who can help you
  • Scammers who say that they can help your immigration process go faster – if you pay them – because they say they know people in the immigration office
  • Scammers who claim to be most able to help you, just because they are from your country
  • And more

Here are details – in both English and Spanish.

You need to know that real federal immigration officers will never ask people for money and cannot enter their homes without a warrant signed by a judge (here’s an example).

In Massachusetts, if someone tries to scam you, you should report it to the office of the Massachusetts Attorney General (Maura Healey).

More information from the U.S. government about scams targeting immigrants:


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