Vocabulary – Basic to Advanced

     If you are working to improve your basic English vocabulary, you should probably try to learn the mostly commonly used words – such as this list of the 1000 most common English words, or this list of 3000 Core English Words.

But if you are comfortable with most of those, and you enjoy learning new words, take a look at the website called Words in a Sentence.  They have explanations of thousands of more advanced words.  For each word there are many example sentences, and for some there are videos.

For example…. the word HYPERBOLE:

Definition of Hyperbole:  an extravagant exaggeration

Use Hyperbole in a sentence

  1. The main element of the product’s commercial was a hyperbole describing rapid weight loss.
  2. Although what I said may sound like a hyperbole, it really is the truth.
  3. The author used one hyperbole after another to get his point across to his readers.
  4. Because Janice was a drama queen, she used a hyperbole in practically every sentence.
  5. When Henry made a hyperbole on the stand, the judge gave him a warning and reminded him to stick to the facts.
  6. If you look past the character’s hyperbole in his monologue, you will see a heroic figure who is only trying to do right by his family.
  7. During the hurricane, it seemed as though the hyperbole, “raining cats and dogs”, was almost accurate.
  8. It would be great if you could simply tell me the basic facts without including a hyperbole of any sort.
  9. If the politician uses one more hyperbole in his speech, I will know he is exaggerating about all his claims.
  10. Meredith was perfect for the theater because she had a way of making every movement seem like a hyperbole.

One thought on “Vocabulary – Basic to Advanced

  1. Some of the sentences containing Hyperbole are:

    That is a hyperbole that transcends all faith.
    But, the hyperbole is such a big one, for which nature wishes to have nothing to do with it.

    Refer searchsentences.com for more of them.

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