Acronyms for Texting

What do lol, idk, ty, and  imho mean?

You may see these online or when you are texting someone.

  • Acronyms are words made from the first letters of other words.  Sometimes acronyms are pronounced as a word. Sometimes you say each letter.
  • Abbreviations are short forms of words. They end with a period. You pronounce the original word, like “mister” for Mr.

Here are some popular acronyms and their meanings. They can be written in capital or regular letters.

  • LOL — laughing out loud
  • IDK — I don’t know
  • ty — thank you  (also thx)
  • imho — in my humble opinion or my opinion is
  • btw — by the way
  • np — no problem
  • ily — I love you (also ilu)
  • OMG — oh my God!

Here’s a website that lists many more common acronyms used in online chats, and here’s one more.

— Thanks to Devik for this article —

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