Scam Alert

  Some new scam warnings from the Framingham Police Facebook page

  • Person offers to fix the small dents in your car while you shop – This has happened in the Shopper’s World parking lot, Trader Joe’s, and others.  Don’t do it – they take your money and don’t fix the dents.
  • The “Grandparent Scam” – “Hi Grandma, do you know who this is?”  That’s how the scammer starts their call.  If the grandmother is fooled, the scammer continues and says that they have a big problem where they need some money quickly (for an accident, school, etc.)
  • Calls from someone in the government saying you’re in trouble and must pay immediately – They might say you (or a close relative) are about to be arrested, evicted from your home, deported, etc.  But they say they can help… if you pay them right away – usually with gift cards. Nobody legitimate will ever call you like this and ask for money.
  • Here are general tips from the Framingham Police on how to avoid phone scammers:
    • If you get a strange call from a government phone number, hang up. If you want to check it out, visit the official (.gov) website for contact information.
    • Don’t give out — or confirm — your personal or financial information to someone who calls.
    • Don’t wire money or send money using a reloadable card. In fact, never pay someone who calls unexpected, even if the name or number on the caller ID looks good.
    • Is the caller pushing you to act immediately? Hang up. That’s a sure sign of a scam.

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