Another Dreamreader Picture Quiz

Last week we had an article about a set of picture exercises on the useful website Dreamreader.  Here is another Dreamreader picture exercise and you can go to their website to practice with many more of these.

Which is the best answer in each set of three sentences?


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Names of Places has many short videos that explain the names of places – such as airport, hotel, park, and train station.  You hear the pronunciation and see pictures to help you remember the word.  Here’s an example:

You can study all of the place names here, and then try to take this test:
Do you know the names of the places in these 8 videos?
(Answers are at the end.)

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Google Images as Your Dictionary

    There are some good, regular dictionaries for English language learners – including the Learner’s Dictionary, which explains 100,000 words and phrases in simple language, with sentence examples, and pronunciation.

However, there are many times when some pictures will help you understand a word better, and more quickly.  Perhaps the easiest way to see a word in pictures is with Google Images.  Here are some examples of words that are easier to understand with a picture, or a set of pictures…