Visit a Large Farm – in Framingham??

Eastleigh Farm is a large (111 acres) historic farm in the northwest corner of Framingham.  It’s open to the public for free every Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 6:00.  There are free wagon rides and a few shops.  You can walk around, see the animals, and bring a picnic to have lunch there.

On Sunday, July 23rd from 10AM to 5PM, there will a special free event with some demonstrations about life during the Civil War.  There will also be an antiques flea market, an ice cream truck (from Uhlman’s in Westborough), and a food truck.

You can check their other upcoming events on Facebook, including their “Dinner on the Farm” from 4 to 8PM on August 12th.

The farm is located at 1062 Edmands Road.

Short YES or NO Answers = Survival English

Every day you are asked simple questions like:

“Are you…?”              “Is he…?”

“Do you have…?”      “Does he have…?”

Many of these questions can be answered with short YES or NO statements:

  • Are you …? — “Yes, I am.”   or  “No, I’m not.”
  • Is he …? —  “Yes, he is.” or  “No, he isn’t.”
  • Do you have…? — “Yes, I do.”  or   “No, I don’t.”
  • Does she have…? —  “Yes, she does.”  or  “No, she doesn’t.”
We need to practice these simple answers a lot.
This practice helps us speak English with confidence! 

— Thanks to Jen for this article —

Short Answers for “Does she have…?”

Question: Does she have a car?

Don’t Say
– Yes, she has. (or Yes, she have.)
– No, she has not. (or No, she haven’t)

Say This:
– Yes, she does.
– No, she doesn’t.


  • If the QUESTION begins with “Does”, ANSWER with the verb does.
  • Does is used with he, she, or it.
  • Does he have a headache? — Yes, he does. (No, he doesn’t.)
  • Does she have a problem? — Yes, she does.  (or No, she doesn’t.)
  • Does your computer have a camera? — Yes, it does. (No, it doesn’t)
  • Does she have…. any children? many friends? a good job?

Short Answers for “Do you have…?”

Question: Do you have a brother?

Don’t Say
Yes, I have.
No, I have not.

Say This:
Yes, I do.
No, I don’t.


  • If the QUESTION begins with “Do”, ANSWER with the verb do.
  • Do you have a brother?  — Yes, I do. (No, I don’t)
  • Do you have a job? — Yes, I do. (No, I don’t)
  • Do you have…. any ideas? any plans for the weekend?  any questions?

— Thanks to Jen for this article —

To, Too, or Two?

These three words are all pronounced the same. People confuse them. Look at their meanings below. Study the examples.

  • Two – The number 2  (Sam has two cars.)
  • Too – More than what is needed (I’m too tired to shop.) .. or .. Also (Me too!)
  • To – Used in many ways- often to mean toward a person, place or thing (Send an email to me.)

Practice:  Fill in the blanks with to, too, or two and learn about some interesting places to visit in Boston.  Many of them are free.

Boston Red Sox Fenway Park Tours   (and Groupon)
You can go ______Fenway Park ______ see a Boston Red Sox baseball game. Many people don’t know that you can schedule a tour of the park _______. There are ______ websites listed above ____ check out. The Groupon site has information about the tours and information about discounts, _____. The _____ websites have calendars of dates when the park is open for tours.  It’s possible ____ take a Fenway Park tour and _____ see a Red Sox home baseball game on the same day.

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A Great Deal for New US Citizens


If you received your US citizenship in the past year, congratulations!

Now, there is one extra benefit of your new citizenship.  The Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) has just started to offer a special free one year membership to all new citizens.

The MFA is one of the  most popular museums in Boston, and it’s one of the largest museums in the country – that the whole family can enjoy.  Usually one visit to the museum would cost $25.  With this membership, there are free visits for a family for one year.  (You can try exploring the museum online)

If you are not a citizen, or have been a citizen for more than one year, you can still visit for less money by:

  • Visiting at free times (Wednesdays from 4 to 10PM) or on free days (July 21st; October 9th)
  • or getting a museum pass from many area libraries including Framingham ($10 instead of $25)

If you are a new citizen, here is more information (including in other languages):

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Another Immigrant Scam

  Warning:  If you get an email that looks like the one below from, it is scam.  They are trying to steal your personal information or money. Don’t click on any links in the email.

Information in Portuguese from BRACE in Framingham:

Alerta para a comunidade!
Se você receber um email com este remetente:, dizendo que você foi selecionado pela Loteria do Green Card, NÃO FAÇA!! É GOLPE!!
O Brasil não se qualifica mais para a Loteria do Green Card!

And more details from