Tinycards is a flash card app from the people who make Duolingo.  You can use Tinycards to learn and practice new English vocabulary.  It is available on their website, and there is an app for iPhone/iPad (no app yet for Android).  After you create a free account, and sign in with your username and password – you can practice with many sets of words, or you can make your own set to practice.  Search for ESL, and they will give you many choices.

For example – Parts of the Body, Summer Vocabulary, and Clothes

Memorial Day Weekend in Boston

  See 37,000 flags on the Boston Common, visit the huge Museum of Fine Arts for free, and more…

No Matter What

  “No matter what”  is similar to “whatever happens”, or “regardless”.

  • No matter what, I will always love my children.
  • He can’t make her happy no matter what he does.
  • I won’t give up no matter what!

Here’s more explanation on Culips.com.  You can listen to the audio, and also read the transcript, with a little quiz.

And – you can watch many examples of “no matter what” used in sentences on YouGlish.com.


Poison Ivy

  Do you know what poison ivy looks like?  It’s a plant that is very common in MetroWest. You should know how to recognize poison ivy so that you can keep it away from your skin. It has oil on its leaves that can give you a very itchy rash.

Poison ivy always has groups of three leaves.  The leaves start off more red and shiny in the spring, and when they are grown the leaves are green and have uneven edges.

Here is information about poison ivy and what to do if you get a poison ivy rash. Also a little quiz to see if you can recognize it.

Another Dreamreader Picture Quiz

Last week we had an article about a set of picture exercises on the useful website Dreamreader.  Here is another Dreamreader picture exercise and you can go to their website to practice with many more of these.

Which is the best answer in each set of three sentences?


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