Free eBooks is a website that tells you about free or inexpensive digital books – eBooks.

You can read these books on an eBook reader (such as Kindle or Nook).  But you can also read them on your phone, tablet, or computer – usually with the free Kindle App or Nook App.  If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can read many of these using your iBooks app.
goodnightconstructionFor example, on BookBub they have listed an eBook version of the popular children’s book Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, selling for $1.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
And here is their latest listing of Free eBooks.

Is >>> It’s


Never start a regular sentence with “is”.  (It’s okay to use “is” to start a question)
Use “it’s” instead.

Don’t say: 
Is a nice day.
Is easy to fix that.
Is nice to see you.

Say this:
It’s a nice day.
It’s easy to fix that.
It’s nice to see you.

English Classes in our Area

619-00905691 Model Release: Yes Property Release: No Adults taking a class

On this blog, there is a MENU item called CLASSES, that contains a link to a list of English classes offered in this area. This includes:

  • Formal classes – some are free, some have a cost – where you are registered, and attend classes usually once or twice each week for many weeks.
  • Conversation Groups – these are free and informal.  They usually meet once a week for a few hours, and you attend when you can.

In this long posting, we’ll give you an update on formal classes offered in MetroWest.

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Numbers! is a very good little website to help you learn and practice… English numbers!

Small numbers, large numbers, and numbers of all kinds – such as the name of years (2016), months, dates, fractions, math equations, decimals, and percentages.

There are listening exercises where you can see if you understand the numbers correctly.

This works best on your computer, but it mostly works on your phone/tablet.