Fall ESL Classes at FAESL – New Student Lottery Information

Framingham Adult ESL

Update: The lottery registration for the fall 2021 semester has closed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How will I know if I win?
    There will be a drawing on Facebook live on Monday, August 16th.
    If your name is selected in any of the lotteries, the school will text or call you soon after the Facebook live drawing.
  • Do I need to watch the lottery on Facebook Live on August 16th?
    NO – When you enter the lottery online you will include your phone number, and winners will be texted or called.
    Note: Be careful to make sure that your phone number is correct.
  • If my name is selected in the lottery, what happens next?
    You will be texted/called, asking you to come to the school for testing.
    Note: Be sure to bring some identification (ID) to show that you are the person whose name was selected.
    After testing, you will be assigned to one of these:

    • An English class of the time(AM/PM) and type (online/in-person) based on which lottery you won
    • Or – a waiting list
      (You get a space in class as soon as possible and do not need to participate in more lotteries)
  • When are the classes?
    • Online morning classes are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings
    • In-person morning classes are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings
    • Online evening classes are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
    • In-person evening classes are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
    • Classes start on Tuesday September 14th

NOTE: This is information only.  It does not guarantee you a place in class. 

Fun or Funny?

Don’t say: 
– My vacation was really funny.
– We did lots of funny things together, like partying and going to the beach.

Say this:
– My vacation was really fun.
– We did lots of fun things together, like partying and going to the beach.


  • Fun is something (or someone) that you enjoy.  We all had fun at the picnic.  He’s fun to be with.
  • Funny is something (or someone) that makes you laugh.  He knows a lot of funny jokes.  Three funny movies (comedies) are Airplane, Blazing Saddles, and Monty Python and the  Holy Grail

March – In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

This is an old expression about the month of March – how the weather is cold and unpleasant at the beginning of the month, and then warmer and more comfortable at the end.

Here’s a children’s story about it:

Try reading it out loud to your child (or just yourself).  It’s good practice.
You can also  buy the book here, or borrow it from your library.

Where’s the Monkey?

  In, on, under…   these small words are used to describe where someone or something is.

  • In the first picture, the ball is in the box.
  • In the second picture, the ball is on the box.

Here’s a silly, short kids’ video that can help you remember which word to use.

And here’s a little lesson on these words – called “prepositions of place”.

Finally, here is a description of many more prepositions of place,  and a quiz.

How Often

  • Think of a question that starts with “How often should …“.  For example:
    • How often should I wash my car?
    • How often should I take a shower?
    • How often should my husband help me clean?
  • Then, spin the wheel, and see the answer!

The choices on the wheel are called “Adverbs of Frequency“.  Here’s a chart (some meanings are approximate).