Retail Pathways – New Job Training Class

Want a job?  Start here. There are many jobs and opportunities for advancement in retail (often working with customers in a store).

The retail industry is a great place gain experience and improve your English.  Earn a certificate, grow your skills and increase your wages. No experience needed, and no high school diploma or HiSet/GED is needed.  Starting wages: $11-$16/hour.

Retail Pathways will be offering a free 6-week job training class at Keefe Tech this fall (Mon/Tue/Wed from 5-8 PM). At the end, they will help you find a retail job.  To take the class, you must know some English, not have a retail job now, and be authorized to work in the United States. See the Retail Pathways web page and application for more requirements and details.

If interested in taking this class, contact Cindy Key at, or (508) 281-6910, extension 9


Google as a Quick Dictionary

For a quick definition of a word using Google use either “define:” or “definition” with the word you don’t understand.

For example, to get an explanation of the word “whisper”, go to Google and enter:  define:whisper  or whisper definition  (usually just “whisper def” will work)

Google will give you a lot of information, including:

  • Explanations of the word
  • Usually a sample sentence
  • An option to translate the word into other languages
  • On computers, you can also listen to pronunciation

For many words, seeing a picture can be very helpful.  Google Images is very good for that.

Winning Numbers for FAESL Lottery

  Last week, many hundreds of people registered at Framingham Adult ESL to try to get one of the limited number of places in English class.  The lottery was held this morning on Facebook Live for both Morning and Evening classes.  Here are lists of numbers that were picked:

Congratulations to the 220 people whose numbers were picked.  You will be contacted soon about coming to the school next Tuesday, August 29th, for testing.

If you missed this lottery, or your number was not picked – the next school lottery will be in January.  In the meantime, there are many other opportunities to study English in MetroWest.  And you can continue to read this blog for suggestions on how you can help teach yourself some English.

“She’s” Means “She Is” or “She Has”

Don’t Say
She’s can work tomorrow.  (She is can work tomorrow.)
He’s can’t eat fish. (He is can’t eat fish.)
She’s can’t come on Tuesday.
He’s can swim fast.

Say This:
She can work tomorrow.
He can’t eat fish.
She can’t come on Tuesday.
He can swim fast.


  • She’s is a contraction of she+is, and sometimes, of she+has
    • She’s hungry. (She is hungry.)
    • She’s got to go home. (She has got to go home.)
  • He’s is a contraction of he+is, and sometimes, of he+has
  • Don’t use she’s or he’s in any other situations.
    • NO
      • She’s like to dance. (She likes to dance.)
      • He’s go to school every Friday. (He goes to school every Friday.)
    • YES
      • He’s very happy today. (He is very happy today.)
      • She’s sleeping now. (She is sleeping now.)