English Tutors in Our Area

tutor  A tutor is a teacher who works with just one student, or maybe two.  Working with an English tutor can be a good way to improve your English more quickly, because you get to speak more, and work more on the kind of English help that you need.

Here is a list of places in our area that offer tutoring, and special services such as citizenship test assistance and accent reduction.  Some tutoring is offered free from generous volunteers.

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Writing Practice: Write or Die

We usually talk about being careful with your writing – using correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc.  This is an exercise that does the opposite.  It simply encourages you to write continuously – from your thoughts straight through to your fingers – without worrying about mistakes.  The website is called writeordie.com

You’re pushed to keep typing, because if you stop – the screen starts turning red, and then starts making some irritating noises – until you start typing again. 

This is easiest to use on your computer.  You can use it on a tablet (iPad).

To try this –  you don’t have to pay, or login.  Below the BUY button, just click on the TRY button.


These are Plural: Police, People


Don’t say:  … police is …    or … police has…
Don’t say:  … people is …  or … people has…

Say This: … police are… or … police have…
Say This: … people are…
or … people have…

The police are trying to catch the robber.
Now the police have him.
Lots of people are coming tonight.
I hope people have a good time.