Some Tips to Start Learning English

This week we talked with some of the Level 2 beginner students at our school.  We asked them for things they did that helped them start to learn English when they came to the United States.  Here are some of their suggestions for you:

  • Read – As much as you can.  Children’s books are good because they are easier.  Also many magazines.  Read about anything that interests you (cooking? sports?).  Sometimes, try saying the words out loud as you read them.
  • Watch TV – Again, children’s shows will be easier, but watch anything you like.  You will notice that on some TV shows, people speak much more slowly than others.
  • Watch Movies – You can turn on English subtitles to help you understand more.
  • Listen to Music – Just listening to music with English words is helpful.  But even better is to read the words (lyrics) to the song and to sing out loud.  Try singing to yourself in your car when you have learned the words to the song. To learn the words for any song just go to Google or YouTube.  Type the name of the song, and then add the word “lyrics”.  For example in Google, search for:  Micheal Jackson Thriller lyrics.
    If you like country music, these songs often tell more of a story, and they sing more slowly.
    For example on YouTube, search for: I Hope You Dance lyrics
  • Play Video Games – Many action video games use a lot of English.  It’s much better of course if you can find someone to play the game with who speaks English.

What helps you to practice your English?  Leave us a comment to this post and share your ideas.

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