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On this blog, there is a MENU item called CLASSES, that contains a link to a list of English classes offered in this area. This includes:

  • Formal classes – some are free, some have a cost – where you are registered, and attend classes usually once or twice each week for many weeks.
  • Conversation Groups – these are free and informal.  They usually meet once a week for a few hours, and you attend when you can.

In this long posting, we’ll give you an update on formal classes offered in MetroWest.


    • BRACE (Brazilian American Center)
      • Status:
        • Spring classes began Feb 6th
        • Contact the BRACE office for latest information about classes
        • Office hours 10am to 9pm Mon-Fri
      • Classes offered Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 PM (13 weeks)
      • Cost: $200
        • Cost includes textbook
      • Location: 560 Waverly Street
      • Facebook page
      • Contact: 508-628-3721  brazilian.american.center@gmail.com
      • Learn English in a warm, inviting community setting

  • FAESL (Framingham Adult ESL Plus)
    • Status: Next lottery for classes will be in August, 2024
    • Two semesters:  Spring (Jan/Feb – Jun) and Fall (Aug/Sep – Dec)
    • Classes offered in Framingham at up to 10 levels
      • PM: Twice a week; Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 to 9:30 for 4 months
      • AM: Three times a week; Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:45 to 10:45 for 4 months
      • AM & PM Remote classes also offered
    • New Beginner Classes in Milford
    • GED and Citizenship classes are also offered
    • Cost: Free
    • Office location: 31 Flagg Drive (Fuller Middle School)
    • Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Twitter
    • Contact: 508-626-4282

  • Framingham State University
    • Status: Registration is open now for fall community English classes
    • Community Classes    [Español]  [Português]
      • Many different classes
      • 4 hours per week
        • Saturday mornings 8:30 to 12:30  for 6 weeks ($235)
          • Jan 20 to Feb 24 (Session 1)
          • Mar 9 to Apr 13 (Session 2)
        • Mon/Wed (Jan 17 – Apr 17) or Tu/Th (Jan 18 – Apr 18)
          from 7 to 9 pm for 13 weeks ($450)
    • They also offer a full range of academic English classes, including advanced classes, and tutoring.
    • Special advanced study for professionals
    • Facebook Page
    • Location:  O’Connor Hall, 100 State Street
    • Contact: esl@framingham.edu 508-626-4958
      • Para assistência em português ligue para 508-215-5725.
      • Para ayuda en Español llame al 508-215-5725

  • Hospitality Common at Greater Framingham Community Church
    • Status: Next classes begin on September 11th.  You can register online.  
    • Offering 4 levels of English classes
    • Evening English classes meet Monday and Wednesday from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.
      Sep 11 to Dec 6, 2023  (12 Weeks)
    • Childcare is not available 
    • Cost: $75
    • Location: Greater Framingham Community Church, 44 Franklin Street in Framingham
    • Contact: 508-377-4442  


  • Joan Brack Center at SMOC
    • Status: Space is limited.  There may be a waiting list.  Come to the Brack Center to fill out an application.
    • Offering Beginner and Intermediate classes.  Classes go for 10 weeks for 4 hours a week – beginning at start of January, April, July, October
    • Also an advanced conversation class that meet for 1.5 hours/week
    • Cost: Free
    • Program Location: 10 Roxanna Street, Framingham
    • Contact: Mary Meany, ESL Program Manager: 508-740-5645 or esl@smoc.org


  • Keefe Tech Evening Program
    • Status: Next classes begin March 2024
      30-minute Placement testing for Levels above beginner – at Keefe on Feb 15th between 4 and 7 pm
    • 4 Levels of ESL class
      Tuesday & Thursday eves 6-9  (22 classes)
    • Fall (Sep-Dec), Spring (Feb-Jun), and Summer (Jun-Aug) Semesters
    • Cost: $285-$299  (includes books)
    • (Fall Catalog will be available soon)
    • Contact: continuinged@jpkeefehs.org  508-416-2170


  • LEAP (Learning English for Adults Program)
    • Status: Contact the office for availability.
    • All classes are currently online
    • Classes offered at beginner and intermediate levels
    • Classes are once a week (for1 1/2 to 2 hours), but you can register for more than one class
    • Citizenship class is also offered
    • Cost: $10/year, plus book
    • Location: 110 Edgell Rd. Framingham
    • Contact: Eva Benda 508-872-7125



  • ProGente Connections  (Classes available in Framingham and Marlborough)
    • Status: Contact the school for latest information about classes
    • Classes
      • 1 day a week for 8 weeks (offered three times a year)
      • 1 1/2 hours per class
      • Classes offered on weeknights and Saturday
    • No Childcare available now
    • Cost: $80 per class ($60 for class + $20 for book)
    • Facebook: ProGente Connections
    • Locations:
    • Contact (Email or call): Raquel Riberti-Bill  (413) 636-9245







  • Wellesley Library ESL
    • Status:  Limited space is available. Registration is required.
      The main registration is in September, but you can try any time.
    • Note: Only for people who live or work in Wellesley
    • Many different classes that meet mornings or afternoons, one day a week, for 1 to 1 1/2 hours
    • Cost: Free
    • Location: Wellesley Free Library, 530 Washington Street (and also community centers)
    • Contact: Doreen Soderling,  wellesleyESL@minlib.net, 781-591-1247

4 thoughts on “English Classes in our Area

  1. Hi! Could you please add Faith Institute adult ESL level 1 classes at Faith Community Church in Hopkinton? Classes will be Monday and Friday mornings from 9-11:30 beginning September 9 and running through December 13 (1st semester). Cost is $395/semester. To get more information and to register go to https://faithma.org/faithinstitute. Thanks!

    • Good morning,

      The Metro South West Workforce Board recently received funding from the State to offer free workforce training and support that will help people prepare for entry level positions in healthcare/behavioral health jobs. The first of these new initiatives includes sponsoring a state recognized Community Health Worker Certification Training with a concentration in behavioral health, beginning in May. This training can lead to many professional and in-demand jobs in healthcare. This would be an ideal opportunity for ESOL graduates and others that wish to enter the healthcare workforce.

      We are currently recruiting candidates for this opportunity and ask that you help us by sharing this information with students.

      In brief:
      This certification opens opportunities in community based and hospital settings for roles such as Resource Navigators, Therapeutic Mentors, Residential Counselors, Behavioral Health Technicians and more. The program requires no prior healthcare experience and values diverse cultural backgrounds and community knowledge.

      • Free online 80-hour accelerated 6-week program.
      • Classes start on May 7th, with two sessions per week.
      • Eligible participants must be 18 years or older, with a high school diploma or equivalent, and live or work in the greater Boston area, including MetroWest and North and South of Boston.
      • Graduates receive assistance with their resumes and access to employer screening/interviews.
      • A $500 placement bonus and additional supports are provided.

      Thank you in advance for your assistance in reaching candidates for this opportunity.

      For more information visit https://masshiremsw.com/behavioral-health/

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