One New Word Every Day

  A good way to learn more English words is to study one new word every day.  Here is a good website – The Britannica Dictionary (Previously called “Learner’s Dictionary”) that teaches you a new word or common expression every day. Start Today!
home-screenTo make it easier to use on your phone or tablet, put a website shortcut button on your home screen that will go right to the Word of the Day.  Here’s one way of how to do that for Apple and Android.


WORDLE is a very popular free word game right now. Play on your computer or phone – with no app needed, and no ads. You can only play it once each day.
Goal – you try to figure out the secret 5-letter word by using up to six other 5-letter words.
You probably need a pretty good vocabulary to do well in this game.

Video showing how to play:


Quizlet – Vocabulary with English <> Your Native Language

Quizlet Flashcards are a great way to learn new English words.  There are many flashcard sets that let you study English words – translated from your native language.  Here’s a large set of flashcards (more than 1000!) with English and Portuguese:

If viewing on your phone, it may be better to use the free Quizlet App (Apple, Android).

Here is a vocabulary Quizlet set for Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian

You can find more of these – for any language – on, or in the App, by searching for “Vocabulary English Chinese”  (or whatever your native language is).


  Tinycards is a flash card app from the people who make Duolingo.  You can use Tinycards to learn and practice new English vocabulary.  It is available on their website, and there is an app for iPhone/iPad and Android.

You can practice with many sets of words. Search for ESL, and they will give you many choices.
For example – Parts of the Body, Winter Vocabulary, and Clothes

If you create a free Tinycards account, you can make your own set of words (‘deck’) to learn and practice.