YouGlish – Listen to “Real” Pronunciation

youglish  Are there words – or groups of words –  that are are especially difficult for you to pronounce, or understand, in English?  “uncomfortable”; “sixth”; “how much does this cost”; “what are you going to do”?

On you can type in those words, and then listen to how they are said – as part of conversation – by many different people in YouTube videos. Before you search, click on US to hear only American English. youglishus

23 thoughts on “YouGlish – Listen to “Real” Pronunciation

  1. I found the awesome tool which is similar to the above website with some advance feature.
    With , beside listening a word by dozens of people, you can practise the word by speaking the sentence, and then compare with the original one. You can easily find your mistake and then fix it.

    • Hi Mirna. I don’t think there’s a YouGlish app, but you don’t need to download it. Just go to the website It works on smartphones and tablets.

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