Free Video English Class for Russian Speakers

This is a 16-lesson beginning English class for Russian speakers. The instructor, Dmitri Petrov, has created a method of learning foreign languages. By using his own method, he became a professional interpreter in 8 languages and can successfully communicate in about 30 more.

Here’s the whole set of videos on YouTube.

— Thanks to Rita for this article —

2 thoughts on “Free Video English Class for Russian Speakers

  1. All of a sudden youtube no longer plays these English lessons. We get the ‘youtube face’ with the comment “This video contains content from Kedoo_Entertainment_Russia, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

    Is there another way to access the videos,or will they be coming back soon?

    • Hello. Thanks for letting us know that there was a problem with these videos. Many people liked them. Unfortunately we’ve confirmed that they are no longer available on YouTube – or anywhere else that we know of. If we see them available someplace we’ll update our page. (If you see them someplace, please let us know.)

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