Get More Practice on the HiSET Math Test

  The HiSET® exam is a test (similar to GED) that you can  take to show that you have the skills and knowledge equivalent to someone who has graduated high school in the United States.

The  HiSET Math Test is 90 minutes long and includes 50 multiple-choice questions. The content of the HiSET Math test includes the following:
• Number Operations and Number Sense
• Measurement and Geometry
• Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
• Algebraic concepts

Practice tests below cover each of those areas.   When you take a test:

 Always thoroughly read the directions so that you know exactly what to do.
 Read each question carefully so that you fully understand what is asking.
 Read all answers choices.
 Narrow your answer options by eliminating some answers and work throughout to find the best answer. Only one answer is correct.

Click any of the links below to begin  a HiSET® Math Practice Test:

— Thanks to Yuriy for this article —

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