“She’s” Means “She Is” or “She Has”

Don’t Say
She’s can work tomorrow.  (She is can work tomorrow.)
He’s can’t eat fish. (He is can’t eat fish.)
She’s can’t come on Tuesday.
He’s can swim fast.

Say This:
She can work tomorrow.
He can’t eat fish.
She can’t come on Tuesday.
He can swim fast.


  • She’s is a contraction of she+is, and sometimes, of she+has
    • She’s hungry. (She is hungry.)
    • She’s got to go home. (She has got to go home.)
  • He’s is a contraction of he+is, and sometimes, of he+has
  • Don’t use she’s or he’s in any other situations.
    • NO
      • She’s like to dance. (She likes to dance.)
      • He’s go to school every Friday. (He goes to school every Friday.)
    • YES
      • He’s very happy today. (He is very happy today.)
      • She’s sleeping now. (She is sleeping now.)

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