Your Right to an Interpreter in a Medical Emergency

   If you need urgent medical care and go to a hospital emergency room, it’s very important for you to be able to communicate with the doctor.  They need to ask you for information to give you proper care, and to be able to explain information to you.

When you go to any emergency room in Massachusetts you have the right to ask for an interpreter. In general, health care facilities that receive money from the U.S. government must provide interpretation services.  As someone with limited English, you also have other rights.



Other Languages 


Newsela is a website and app that helps you improve your reading, with interesting articles in many subjects – science, politics, famous people, sports, etc.

There are five different versions of article, with different levels of reading difficulty.  Newsela is not just for people learning English, so you should start at the easiest levels of a story and go higher if you are able. You can also take a short quiz about the story.  There are hundreds of good articles – all freebut you must create an account and Sign in.  Here’s one about emojis.

For Spanish speakers, there are many articles written in Spanish, also with 5 different levels of reading difficulty, so you can read the same story in Spanish and English.



A palindrome is a word, or set of words, that spells the same thing if you read if forward or backward. For example: noon, mom, kayak, level, and “step on no pets”.

However, there is no official name for a word that makes a different word when spelled backwards.  For example: stop (pots); keep (peek); desserts (stressed); now, loop, reward

A 6 year old boy in Canada named Levi has suggested that we call those levidromes.  Can you think of any other levidromes?