A Ditloid is a special kind of word puzzle.  You are given some numbers and letters and have to guess the meaning.  Here are two examples:

7 D in a W  ….. The answer is: 7 Days in a Week
26 L in the A
….. The answer is: 26 Letters in the Alphabet

The puzzles are usually about a commonly-known fact.  See how many of these you can get before looking at the answers:

24 H in a D
365 D in a Y
50 S on the US F
5 F on a H and 5 T on a F
MA + NH + RI + CT +VT + ME = NE
4 S (S S A W)
100 C in a D
28 D in F
88 K on a P
12 E in a D


24 Hours in a Day

365 Days in a Year

50 Stripes on the US Flag

5 Fingers on a hand and 5 Toes on a Foot

Massachusetts + New Hampshire + Rhode Island + Connecticut + Vermont + Maine = New England

4 Seasons (Spring Summer Autumn Winter)

100 Cents in a Dollar

28 Days in February

88 Keys on a Piano

12 Eggs in a Dozen  

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