Feel-Good Songs

For the Oscars this year (the movie academy awards), one of the movies nominated for best picture was Bohemian Rhapsody – about the rock band Queen.

A few years ago, there was a scientific study in England to find songs that made people feel good. The study chose a song by Queen as the #1 feel-good song – Don’t Stop Me Now

Other top feel-good songs included: Abba’s Dancing Queen, the Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations, and Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl

Sing Along with some Old Songs

Singing along with music is a very good way to practice your English pronunciation. Here is a large collection of songs on a website called esl-bits.net. Many of the songs are slow, and easy to sing with.  Each song has a separate page, with the music and words (lyrics), so that you can listen and sing too.

Note: On some smartphones, you may have to close the music window so you can see the words.