Can You Find the Wooden Soldiers?

soldiers1  This year there are 20 wooden soldiers displayed all around Framingham in 16 different places.  Have you seen any?  If you have, take a picture of the soldier (selfie?), and post it on our FaceBook page.  (Or, you can Email us.)  The first person to post a picture for one of the places will get a small prize (one prize for each place; one prize per person).  With the picture, write where you saw the soldier.  Good luck!

A clue: 11 places are south of Route 9, and 5 places are north of Route 9 (3 of them in Saxonville).

soldiers2These tall wooden soldiers became well known when they guarded the old Shopper’s World shopping center during the Christmas shopping season. Some generous carpenters helped to build new copies of the soldiers, and it has become a Framingham tradition for the wooden soldiers to decorate the town during the holidays.

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YouGlish – Listen to “Real” Pronunciation

youglish  Are there words – or groups of words –  that are are especially difficult for you to pronounce, or understand, in English?  “uncomfortable”; “sixth”; “how much does this cost”; “what are you going to do”?

On you can type in those words, and then listen to how they are said – as part of conversation – by many different people in YouTube videos. Before you search, click on US to hear only American English. youglishus

Mango Languages

mango  This is a very good tool for teaching yourself English.  It’s free if you have a library card at almost any of our libraries.  You can use it on your computer, and there are apps for Apple and Android.

Mango is available on the websites of MetroWest libraries – including Framingham, Natick, Ashland, Marlborough, Milford, and most others.  Boston Public Library has Mango, and anyone in Massachusetts can get a Boston Public Library eCard online.


ELLLO – Free Listening Lessons

elllo is a website with lots of very short (1-4 minute) videos. For each video you can:

  • Turn on English subtitles
  • Read the story (transcript)
  • Take a little quiz

The Elllo “Levels Page” is very good.  You can watch (or listen to) short recordings – with different levels of difficulty. Then you can try exercises for each recording.  This is good for increasing your vocabulary too.

The videos are recorded by people from many countries.  Here are videos by American speakers.  They have rated the difficulty level each video (BEGinner 2-3; INTermediate 4-5; and ADVanced 6-7).

Said me >>> Told me


Never say “said me”
Use “told me” instead.

Don’t say: 
– My boss said me, “You need to work tomorrow.”
– My mother said me I should get a haircut.
– Isabella said me she will be home at 6:00.

Say this:
– My boss told me, “You need to work tomorrow.”
– My mother told me I should get a haircut.
– Isabella told me she will be home at 6:00.

…told [who]…
He told [ me / her / Maria / his son / the man ] to go home.

…said [what]…
He said, “Go home.”
My mother said (not said me) I should get a haircut.